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Pentagon: No imminent decisions on Atacams missiles for Ukraine

The Pentagon has denied any close decisions on the allocation of long-range Atacams missiles to Ukraine

That news came in response to a Wall Street Journal report that indicated that the United States intended to supply these missiles to Ukraine

Kiev looked forward to acquiring an American military tactical missile system like Atakms, considering that the missiles would contribute to its ability to launch strikes on Russian troops outside the confrontation lines
Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder confirmed that there is no official announcement about Atacams, and of course he has no information about any future decisions in this regard.
Confirming the Pentagon's position, the Pentagon spokesperson noted that the news about Ukraine's supply of Atacms was incorrect and not supported by any factual basis. The Ministry stressed its continued support for Ukraine within the framework of the two countries' strong bilateral partnership.
It should be noted that relations between the United States and Ukraine are based on military and security cooperation and the necessary support for Ukraine's security challenges. Such support includes the training of Ukrainian forces and the provision of the necessary military equipment and technology.
At another level, the Pentagon promotes continuous communication and coordination with its international partners to address common security challenges and promotes regional stability and global security.
In this context, the security situation in Eastern Europe remains the subject of careful attention and follow-up, and the United States is committed to supporting the region's partner States and protecting their sovereignty and stability.
So the news about the allocation of Atacams to Ukraine remains in the context of rumours, and everyone has to take information from reliable sources and verify the news before it is circulated. Constructive communication and cooperation among States is the basis for strengthening global security and stability.

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